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Rice Road    
Webisode Rice Road
Linh loves rice. She can eat rice
several time a day.
Today she would like to know more
about the relation between the water
and the grow of the rice.
Follow Linh on the Rice Road!
Water Pollution
Webisode Immiscible Elements
Linh and Dr. Duc on DVD
Water polution can cause so many damages. Pollution can also be prevented. Look with Linh and Dr.Duc how water reacts with "Immiscible elements", Then go to the next webisode to discover how water reacts with “Miscible elements”
Linh and Duc are silent on the internet to increase their download speed in Vietnam. Linh and Duc will come with their own voices over the net in 2007. Since then, you can listen to them on the DVD version of the "Ocean in a Bottle" Order here
Webisode 2
Webisode Workshops  
Teacher Workshops
Faxcination organizes animation workshop for students and their teachers. Our aim is to increase awareness on the needs to include new media education in the school curriculum. Workshops are addressed to teachers and institutions applying the Active Teaching and Learning methodology, and for the institutions that promote ICT education. Contact us for more information on the trainings
Five Trees    

The webisodes with Linh and Dr Duc on this page have been made with the collaboration of the Hanoi Environment Educational Project - HEEP

A training workshop was organized at the Hanoi Teachers Retraining Centre with the collaboration of the Belgian - VVOB. The aim of the workshop was to help teachers introducing new media communication in the curriculum. In the form of a "Marathon-style" workshop, the animation was made by the teachers in just 1h30 minutes during the ICT programmes organized by the VVOB. See the other animation workshops organized by FAXCINATION world-wide.

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